Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds captivate New York City as they embrace

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds captivate New York City as they embrace, their smiles radiant, while Blake enchants in a mesmerizing floral dress, exuding pure sunshine.

In NYC, Blake Lively is a bright spot in a flower-print dress as she walks hand-in-hand with her husband of 11 years, Ryan Reynolds.

When Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were seen together in New York this week, they were as happy and lively as always.

They’ve been married since 2012 and are very hоt together. They walked around the city that never sleeps arm in arm.

Blake, 36, looked like a bright spot of sunshine in a floral SPELL dress with a design of different colors all over a white background.

With a deep V-neck that showed a little chest, the dress was pulled in around the middle to make her small frame stand out.

The Café Society star used naturalistic makeup to bring out her features while letting her caramel blonde hair blоw in the wind.

The Deadpool heartthrob, on the other hand, wore a green checked shirt with rolled-up sleeves to show off his toned wrists.

Ryan put together his outfit with blue pants and salmon sneakers, leaving the top few buttons of his white undershirt undone in a way that looked good.He protected his eyes from the August sun with sunglasses and added a little extra of shade with a baseball cap.

Before the strikes in Hollywood stopped work, Blake was seen shooting her next movie, It Ends With Us, many times this summer.

It Ends With Us is based on a romance book by Colleen Hoover. Blake plays a woman named Lily who is in a bad marriage.

In the book, Lily grows up seeing her father Һit her mother. She hopes she won’t do the same thing, but she ends up marrying a man who hits her too.

The violent husband of Lily, Ryle, is played by Justin Baldoni, who also directs the film and wrote the script with Christy Hall.

At the same time, Brandon Sklenar, who played Burt Reynolds in a movie, plays Atlas, Lily’s first love, who comes back into her life.

Hasan Minhaj, a comedian, has been cast as Ryle’s best friend and has been seen shooting with Justin.

When Blake was cast, Colleen went crаzy over her leading lady on Instagram. She said that the book was “loosely inspired by my mother.”

“Blake Lively, you guys!” It was tearful, but Colleen said, “She’s my dream Lily.” The movie was shot in front of the house where she grew up.

“When I met Justin Baldoni for the first time, who is directing It Ends With Us, I knew right away that he had to play Ryle.”

“I just believed he was capable.”

It was wonderful to hear that he would be playing Ryle. She reassured the fans, “I think Justin and Blake have what it takes to bring these characters to life, and I cannot wait for you guys to see that happen!”

A lot of people in the comments were against Blake being chosen and pointed out that she is younger than Lily, who is 23 in the book.

Aside from work, Blake has been married to Ryan for more than ten years and the two of them are happy parents of four kids.

They have a baby girl whose nаme and sеx they have not yet told the world. Their three daughters are James, eight, Inez, six, and Betty, three.


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