Reynolds and Lively Duo, Happy 11 years! Check Out 11 of Their Cutest Couple Photos

To Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, happy 11 years! Check Out 11 of Their Cutest Couple Photo

The most popular couple in Hollywood has three daughters: Betty, three, James, nine, and Inez, six, with a third due in early 2023.Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are commemorating 11 years of marriage, family, and photo ops!

The celebrities have revealed details of their courtship on social media throughout the course of the last ten or more years. The pair’s spirit is best portrayed in the pictures they took with their own phones, even if professional photographers have documented their most dazzling red carpet walks and high-profile appearances.

See some of the most wholesome images that Lively and Reynolds have shot together throughout the years, from their goofiest to their cutest pictures.

1. M𝓪𝓭ly in Love

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds selfies

These two still enjoy spending time together even after more than ten years of marriage and four children together. In November 2022, Lively talked about her husband’s American Cinematheque Award win and his commitment to their family.

He has the ability to simultaneously be everything to everyone. The former Gossip Girl added, “He is the most present person you will ever meet.” “And yes, he creates magic in his work but man, oh man, does he create magic in his real life.”

2. Four-Legged Friend

Ryan Reynolds shares a selfie to Instagram with Blake Lively and their dog

Reynolds shared an Instagram Story selfie with his spouse and their Golden Retriever, Baxter, just in front of their 11th wedding anniversary.

3. ‘Love and Appreciation’Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds selfiesReynolds rarely posts birthday trolling photographs of Lively from awkward angles, so for her 2023 birthday, he compiled some of her greatest shots. much though this selfie of her by the seaside is adorable, her 11-year-old spouse somehow made it much better with his touching message.Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' Relationship Timeline“My love, gratitude, and amazement for this individual are the only things that are irrevocably mine in the world. I could never take for granted the fact that I got to see her live. And I promise to try,” he wrote. “@blakelively, happy birthday.


4. Golden HourBlake Lively and Ryan Reynolds selfiesReynolds posted another stunning selfie of the couple on Lively’s 36th birthday, in which they appeared to be physically glowing in the sun.

5. Mom and Dad

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds selfies

The couple and their children were already enjoying being a family of six, a source told PEOPLE, following the birth of their fourth child in early 2023.

“Blake and Ryan have a great relationship. Ryan is an amazing father. He treats Blake so sweetly. Regarding the new baby, they are ecstatic. The insider stated at the time, “The older siblings have adjusted great.”

6. Out to the Ball Game

The couple documented their sweet date at Yankee Stadium, where they watched the 2021 Home Run Derby.


7. All Dressed Up

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds selfiesPlenty of photographers captured Lively and Reynolds looking totally glam on the red carpet at the Met Gala in 2022, but they made sure to take their own pic inside the event.

8. Goofing Off

Cute celebrity couples photos

When Lively posted a picture of herself in 2019 celebrating Reynolds’ birthday by sticking her finger up his nose, it was evident how at ease the two celebrities are with one another.


“I picked a good one. Happy birthday @vancityreynolds ,” read her punny Instagram caption.


9. Garden Moment


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds selfies

Reynolds shared a lovely Mother’s Day photo of himself in the outdoors with his wife in 2021.


“It must be stated repeatedly. He broke out of his usually sarcastic online demeanor to write, “You’re the heart and soul of every moment this family shares,” at the start of his Instagram caption. “The tender grit it takes to be a mother in 2021 is an act of pure strength and heroism.”

10. Ride or D𝖎𝖊

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds selfies

In a laid-back car selfie, Lively looked lovely with a heavy gold necklace.

11. Glowing TogetherBlake Lively, Ryan ReynoldsThis stunning pair looks amazing both indoors and outside.



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