Seldom seen glimpses into Blake Lively’s “fun” home life with her four young children

Seldom seen glimpses into Blake Lively’s “fun” home life with her four young children.

The Hollywood actress and her spouse Ryan Reynolds have children together.

Blake Lively is renowned for keeping her family life sєcrєt and loves nothing more than being a mother.

Although the Hollywood celebrity would rather her kids not use social media, this past weekend she provided a rare window into their home life by describing one of the ways her kids like to learnBlake shared on Instagram about her kids’ love for the entertaining app Tappity.

Blake expressed her enjoyment of it by joking that she has learned so much from it that she didn’t even need to attend school!

On her Instagram Stories, she posted a picture of the app with the caption, “This is not an advertisement. Nothing comes of this for me. I adore @tappityapp so much. It is entertaining, educational, and safety is a priority.

Rarely, Blake Lively shared personal details about her family on social media.Having said that, I absolutely adore this app, but I always double check any kids app for safety because it’s my job, not the app’s.

What a fantastic platform that combines learning with enjoyment. It has taught me so much on my own. “See, mom, I knew I didn’t have to spend all those years in school!”

GothamRyan Reynolds and Blake Lively on the red carpet

Blake has four children with her husband, Ryan Reynolds: James, nine; Inez, seven; Betty, four; and an 11-month-old, whose name and gender are not yet public knowledge. Blake and Ryan are bringing their kids with them on business trips, and they are parenting them in New York.

In2019, Ryan claimed, “Blake and I don’t do movies at the same time,” disclosing the sєcrєt to their close family. We would simply never cross paths if I was filming in Vancouver and she was in Thailand for a movie. We function as a cohesive team, which is quite effective for us.

“Home is where the family stays together and the kids stay with us. So long as we are together, wherever we are—in Spain, Utah, or New York—we are at home.”

Blake and her family are incredibly private

In an interview with People magazine, the owner of Wrexham FC stated, “It’s genuine when I say I take a huge interest in their days and how things are going.”


He explained how a greater knowledge of his children’s upbringing has been made possible by modern parenting, saying, “I think as parents, we are so much better equipped to handle the rigors of childhood through our kids now than when I was a kid,” and that “it’s just totally different now.”



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