17 Instances That Confirm Ryan Reynolds Is An Absolute Legend From The Proposal

Both on and off screen, fans admire the Deadpool star

There’s no getting around the fact that Ryan Reynolds is a legendary actor.

After playing the lead role in the X-Men movies Deadpool and Deadpool 2, as well as the romantic comedies Definitely Maybe and The Proposal, the Hollywood actor has become incredibly well-known all over the world.

But more recently, Ryan has poured himself into the world of football after he and fellow actor яσв McElhenney purchased Wrexham FC for £2 million in February 2021.

Married to fellow actor Blake Lively, the couple has four kids together. When he’s not showing off his affection for his small family, he playfully asserts that they are the perfect pair by honoring each other’s birthdays.

Having said that, these are a few of our favorite Ryan moments that will definitely make you happy.





1. When he was purely affectionate about Wrexham’s resistanceRyan demonstrated his exceptional sportsmanship in an on-field interview in April 2023 following his team Wrexham’s 3-1 victory over Boreham Wood.

In addition to applauding his team’s success, the celebrity was quick to throw praise on their rivals, leaving many admirers in awe of his “class.”

2. When he started singing after Wrexham’s victory

Ryan got into the Wrexham mood the same month when his team defeated Notts County 3-2 and sang passionately among the supporters.

In a video homage to the Hollywood owners, the actor was shown screaming along to the local band Declan Swans’ song Always Sunny in Wrexham.

3. When he made fun of us all by pretending to be on Great British Bake Off

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Ryan recently shared a photo of himself hαngιng out on the Channel 4 set with Paul Hollywood and ∂αмє Prue Leith, the judges of the Great British Bake Off.

We can’t get over how wholesome it is, even though we’re all hoping this is a major hint that he’ll be joining this year’s season.

4. When Wrexham won and he asked for a memento

Ryan is fully supportive of his Wrexham teammates as well, and during the conversation he playfully grabbed Ben Foster’s shirt.

5. When, after a really tight match, he was out of breath.

Yes, Ryan was genuinely taken aback by how deeply engrossed he was in the wonderful game.

6. When he gave the best potential confirmation of Wolverine’s reappearance in Deadpool 3

When Ryan and Hugh Jackman casually disclosed Wolverine’s return to the Marvel universe in September 2022, the fans went into a tailspin.

7. When he gave young football players brand-new uniforms and made them happy

Ryan displayed his magnanimity in March 2023 by purchasing a new Deadpool-themed uniform for Wrexham’s Under 12 team.

Prior to Ryan’s intervention, the team had established a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising £480 for new apparel. Instead, Ryan gave the team £1600.

8. When he responded to Shania Twain’s hilarious lyric exchange the best

Shania cleverly substituted Ryan’s name for Brad Pitt’s in the iconic line from her song “That Don’t Impress Me Much” at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards.

He appeared to mouth, “Oh my God, me?” with a surprised smile before burst out laughing.

9. When he made a song to assist fans in pronouncing яσв McElhenney’s name

In 2023, Ryan went over and beyond to celebrate his friend яσв’s birthday. He released a professionally made song and music video to help people pronounce the actor’s last name.

That right there is friendship.

Oh, and the time he gave Rσb McElhenney a real υяιиαℓ…

He really does take his birthdays extremely seriously.

11. Ryan’s birthday wishes for his spouse Blake has also been quite entertaining.

We actually look forward to Ryan’s yearly birthday celebration for Blake, mostly because they’ve established a custom of making fun of one another.

12. When he gave the most moving speech to honor Blake and their family at the People’s Choice Awards

When Ryan accepted the People’s Icon award and gave a moving speech honoring his wife Blake and their kids, we were all virtually in tears.

13. He made a big pledge to supporters when he first joined TikTok.

A charming little allusion to the 2005 romantic comedy Just Friends, in which he starred, could be seen in his first video.


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