First Photos of Meghan Markle since Prince Harry Left to See Ailing Dad Spark Heated Discussion

Recent photos of Meghan Markle have surfaced online since Prince Harry left to see his ailing dad. These images have sparked heated reactions from social media users

The Duchess of Sussex has been spotted out and about for the first time since her husband caught a flight to London to visit King Charles III amid his cancer diagnosis. Pictures showed Meghan Markle flashing a smile as she drove around Montecito.

From what was seen, she opted for a comfy, casual look, which included sunglasses and a baseball cap. She also held a coffee mug in one of her hands.

Many people had a lot of strong opinions concerning Meghan’s recent outing. One person asked and asserted, “Why does she do this when Harry is away?” Another expressed, “So predictable. Beyond pathetic.”

Someone else remarked, “Smiling like a Cheshire Cat to hide the fact KC had barely 30 mins for Harry. If you believe some reports, it was more like 12 mins […] that’s pretty embarrassing. Actions have consequences!”

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A social media user pondered, “She’s happy Charles is ill?” Another asserted, “How embarrassing M, now we know why Harry went! PR stunt!” Someone else stated, “Exclusive woman smiles [knowing] her husband is safely coming back to her loving arms after being in a country where the media, reporters and self-appointed experts are being violent and vicious in speech and thoughts.”Meghan Markle spotted arriving for the Ripple Awards Gala in New York City on December 6, 2022 | Source: Getty ImagesOther less negative comments focused on Prince Harry visiting his dad and someone also posted a comment in defense of Meghan. One person rhetorically questioned, “You want her to start mourning when the King is still alive? Na […]!” Another person highlighted, “Harry did the right thing [seeing] his father after the cancer diagnosis. He is a great son.”

Yesterday, a news outlet reported that Prince Harry was already en route back home from London. The Duke of Sussex had spent 24 hours in his homeland. He landed in London after 2 p.m. this past Tuesday, then went to see his father — as reported by a news source — for 45 minutes.Meghan Markle | King Charles III and Prince Harry | Source: Getty Images

While there has been tension between Prince Harry and his family since he moved to the US and left his post as a working senior royal, he still rushed home to be with his father amidst the King’s cancer diagnosis. Meanwhile, his wife stayed in California with their kids.


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