Jada Pinkett Smith talks about her husband and Serena Williams’ relationship: ‘I’m not jealous of her when they’re together’

KING OF THE BOX OFFICE AND SPORTS SUPERSTARS JOINED TO OFFICIALLY PREMIERE THE LONG-AWAITED BIOPIC, “KING RICHARD” ON SUNDAY.On Friday, Will Sмith’s much awaited biography sports film <eм>King Richard</eм> will finally be available on HBO Max and theaters. The actor, author, and rising celebrity hit the LA red carpet for a significant premiere event as he prepared to unveil his paintings to the public.At the film’s premiere on the final night of the AFI Festival, Smith was accompanied by his spouse Jada Pinkett Smith, kids Jaden and Willow Smith, tennis prodigies VenŅs and Serena Williams, and co-stars Deмi Singleton, Saniyya Sidney, and AŅnjanŅe Ellis.Smith was not at all surprised by Willow and Jaden’s decision to maintain their classic blonde faces throughout their red carpet appearance, as he shared on social media the following morning. Will and Jada were all smiles alongside Smith’s <eм>King Richard</eм> co-stars and inspirationUnder the direction of Reinaldo MarcŅs Green, with an original soundtrack composed by Beyoncé, <eм>King Richard</eм> chronicles the journey of Richard Williaмs, the unyielding father who had a profound influence on the upbringing of two of the most exceptionally talented sportsmen in history. Lifting the phrase from “prodigy to pro,” as Smirth, as Williaмs, states in the teaser, one father’s perseverance in coaching and supporting his talented daughters ultimately resulted in a transformation that altered tennis forever.


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