LisaRaye McCoy Says Will Smith Is Her Type: We Can Have An Entanglement

It looks like saga continues and the web of “entanglement” proceeds to weave surrounding Jada Pinkett-Smith, husband Will Smith, and August Alsina.  A new party is attempting to enter into the conversation, actress LisaRaye McCoy, as she recently sat down and gave an admission that is sure to have tongues wagging.

“The Player’s Club” actress is not new to the media attention surrounding her relationships.  She’s been married and divorced twice, first to Tony Martin, a former NFL player, in 1992.  This marriage lasted 2 years, and she would marry again in April 2006 to Michael Misick, the then Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, giving her the title “First Lady of Turks and Caicos.”  It was then announced in August of 2008 that the couple would be divorcing, via a statement released by Misick.

Fast forward to July of 2018 where LisaRaye appeared on ABC’s short-lived reality dating series, “The Proposal.”  It was there that she would meet Anthony Bryant, a 44-year old sales representative and Chicago native such as herself.  Out of 10 men competing for her love, he would end up winning her love as he popped the question and she accepted.  However, after a 1-month engagement, she decided to call it quits.

McCoy went onto Facebook Live to explain that she was glad to do the show, motivated by the fact that she was indeed looking for love, and was “lonely”.” She states the two had a lot of “friend energy,” but as far as their “relationship” went, there was no spark. She said that although they tried, love wasn’t there.

For years, the actress has had the title “gold digger” attached to her.  She even went on to address those claims, as it pertained to this situation as well as describing what it is she is actually looking for in a man.

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“I don’t want to wear the pants in my relationship. I wear the pants now,” she said in the clip. “I’m not going to be standing in someone’s face trying to figure out ‘How are we going to pay our bills?’ because we’re doing that naturally and normally on the level of survival. So, I don’t want to hear that s–t about ‘Oh, she a gold digger.’ Like I said, gold digging is high school. I’m at platinum status now. I want someone that will not be intimated by coming into my life, by sharing in my lifestyle because I’m not gone change that. Because if you can’t handle it now where I’m at, then you’re not going to be able to handle it when I grow even more and I’m doing that everyday.”

Well, who else would be more qualified to fulfill her “platinum status” desires than Will Smith? The two (as well as wife Jada Pinkett-Smith) have worked together before when she was the lead actress in the show “All Of Us”, created and executive produced by the couple.  The show’s premise was loosely based on the Smith’s own blended family.

When news of the entanglement between Pinkett-Smith and August Alsina broke, the backlash towards Jada became brutal, leading the couple to appear on Jada’s Red Table Talk to address the situation.  LisaRaye decided to add her two cents to the backlash during a segment of ‘Out Loud’ With Claudia Jordan. “I think and I feel that he was a baby. Now I’m all for if you want to date somebody younger, go for it. But because of his circumstance and why in which he came to her, wounded and hurt, and in her lap – how in the hell did he get from off her lap, and then you [Smith] got onto the d–? I don’t understand.”

Now she’s adding extra fuel to the fire, as she recently appeared on Garcelle Beauvais’s “Going To Bed” podcast, admitting that not only does she find Will Smith attractive, but that she would love to have an entanglement with the married actor. The conversation begins around 17:10. Garcelle ask LisaRaye who would you really want in your life. ‘You don’t have to say the name, but describe the person you want.’

LisaRaye responds “I can tell you right now. Will Smith.” Garcelle responds, “Girl, you can’t pick him, he is married.” LisaRaye then adds “Why come I can’t? We can have an entanglement”‘

LisaRaye then goes further saying, “I’m saying a Will Smith type, you know, like he’s so charming,” she says to Beauvais.  “He’s rich, a poetic [sic], he’s a philanthropist. He’s a humanitarian, a great dad.”  Garcelle was blown away by her response, and cut her off insisting they move onto Sherri Shepard’s response so she can ”stop this train.’


Previously she’s appeared on an episode fo TV One’s “Uncensored” where she admitted her excitement about sharing a kiss with the actor on All of Us. In McCoy’s TV One episode of Uncensored, she gushed about kissing Will. “Will Smith directed two of our episodes. He played my boyfriend and I had to share a kiss with him and I was like ‘Bring it on,’” she says with a smile. “We in the scene, I close my eyes and we kiss and when he let me go, I do believe I was stuck. ‘Is that what skyrockets feel like? Girl, you can’t be kissing that man like that, he’s married.’”

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