Prince Harry deals surprise blow to Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle seems to be in shock as her approval rating has plummeted after Harry’s reconciliation and reunion offer to the royal family.

It seems Harry has come out from his wife’s influence as the Duke’s US popularity has almost matched Prince William and Princess Kate’s popularity after his recent wise decision, according to a new poll.

meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex has faced a significant decline in her popularity even after her major rebrand alongside Harry who seems to be on the right path to maintain his rating among his people.

Redfield & Wilton polled 1,500 adults on their view of the British royal family earlier this month. Despite attempting the Sussex rebrand, Meghan was liked by 31 percent and disliked by 30 percent, meaning her net approval was plus one.

This was a significant drop from December prior to’s launch, when the couple was on a plus 15. The former Suits star has subsequently experienced a decline in support, as she was liked by 45 percent of pollsters in December.

On the other hand, Harry is currently liked by 42 percent of pollsters, while 16 percent view him negatively, giving the Duke a net approval rating of plus 26.

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Harry is only shortly behind his elder brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who have won the title of America’s current favourite living royals.

The Princess of Wales was liked by 45 percent and disliked by 10 percent, giving her a net approval rating of plus 35.

Meanwhile, William was liked by 43 percent and disliked by 12 percent, giving him a net approval rating of plus 31.

However, Harry’s smart move to win Americans seems to be successful as he has improved his popularity among them with his approach to make amends with his royal relatives.

When Harry released Spare in January 2023, the couple were received quite negatively, however, their net approval ratings were in positive numbers by December 2023. The Sussexes have since attempted a major rebrand, which included launching their new website,, and announcing a new podcast with streaming platform Lemonada at the beginning of this year.

Some royal experts and commentators have advised Meghan to follow in Harry, William and Kate’s footsteps to win hearts and improve her rating.

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