Princess Charlotte hitches a ride on Kate Middleton’s shoulders during fun family day with Prince George

The eldest son of William and Kate is robust and very friendly with his cousin Mia Tindall, who is the same age, when they go out to play.

Cặp vợ chồng hoàng gia gây thiện cảm và trông giống như bất cứ ông bố, bà mẹ bình thường khác khi công kênh con gái Charlotte và cháu gái Mia lúc tới khu chợ. 

William and Kate brought their two older children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, to an international horse race at Burhham Market in Norfolk to cheer on Zara Phillips, Princess Anne’s daughter, and Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter. Zara’s husband also brought their daughter Mia and Lena to the event.

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Prince George seems to have a close relationship with Mia. Both of them happily compare their heights when standing next to each other. Mia even affectionately places a hand on George’s forehead.

Prince George is dressed in a green khaki jacket, dark jeans, and black-and-white sneakers. Meanwhile, Mia wears a purple puffer jacket, sequined denim shorts that reach her knees, and a flat-brimmed hat. Princess Charlotte sits obediently in her mother’s arms while her older siblings playfully tease each other.

Prince William wears a simple coat and stands next to his brother-in-law, Mike Tindall, as they accompany their wives and children to the horse race event.

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Hôm 12/4, vợ chồng William - Kate dẫn theo hai con lớn là Hoàng tử George (5 tuổi) và Công chúa Charlotte (3 tuổi) tới cuộc đua ngựa quốc tế ở chợ Burhham, hạt Norfolk, để cổ vũ Zara Phillips, con gái Công chúa Anne và cháu gái Nữ hoàng, thi đấu. Chồng của Zara cũng dẫn theo con gái Mia và Lena (9 tháng tuổi) tới hoạt động này. Hoàng tử George dường như có mối quan hệ rất thân thiết với người chị họ cùng tuổi Mia. Cả hai vui vẻ đọ chiều cao khi đứng cạnh nhau. Cô bé Mia thậm chí còn ân cần đặt một tay lên trán George. 

Inside the market, there’s a play area for children. Princess Charlotte is excited to drive a dodgem car (an electric bumper car) and play with her siblings.

The Duchess of Cambridge smiles as she witnesses these joyful moments with her children and grandchildren. Prince Louis, the couple’s third child, is reportedly at home with his nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

Trong chợ có một khu vui chơi dành cho trẻ em. Công chúa Charlotte phấn khích ra mặt khi được lái chiếc xe dodgem (xe đâm bằng điện) và chơi đùa với anh chị. 


Since William and Kate are Mia’s godparents, they also have a special fondness for her. Both of William’s children are on Easter break from school.

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Prince George enjoys steering an electric car into Mia Tindall’s car. The royal couple appears approachable and similar to any other ordinary parents when they guide their daughter Charlotte and granddaughter Mia to the market.

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