Son of OnlyFans creator admits to filming her content for her

The son of an OnlyFans creator has admitted that he films his mom’s content for her, as his father hits out at his former partner.

OnlyFans can be a very lucrative way for people to make money, as many people have taken to the platform to produce mainly sexual content for paying subscribers. 

The more subscribers, the more money the content creator makes… and it would appear that some people turn it into a family affair.

Andressa Urach is very successful when it comes to OnlyFans and Instagram, as she boasts over three million followers on the latter. 

Andressa comes from Brazil and is a former Miss BumBum model who was a dancer before she turned her attention to making online content. 

Filming things can sometimes prove tricky when you’re by yourself, and although some will hire a camera person, Andressa decided to enlist the help of her son. 

In an Instagram Live, some people questioned Andressa’s son, Arthur, about whether he was the person behind the camera of his mother’s photos. 

As cited by the Daily Star, Arthur replied: “Yep, I’m really bada*s with pictures, right?” 

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Some people weren’t fussed about his involvement in the OnlyFans content, but it appears that some felt very strongly against what Arthur is doing.

“You are not ashamed of your mother selling herself, do you film her like this?” One person asked, to which the teenager replied: “I’m not ashamed, I’m very serene with her decision.”

Arthur allegedly accompanied his mother and a photographer to a hotel for a photoshoot.

According to sources cited by Metropoles, Andressa revealed: “We rented a nice room to record my Privacy. Today I will have two cameramen.”

Arthur, seemingly aware of the buzz surrounding their collaboration, said: “This is going to be something to talk about, huh, Mom?” His mother agreed, suggesting that the content “will cause” a stir.

The controversy doesn’t end there.

Sightings of Andressa and Arthur partying together in a nightclub further fueled public scrutiny. Amidst the uproar, Andressa’s ex-husband, Thiago Lopes, expressed outrage, condemning her actions and raising concerns about their son’s welfare.

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Thiago’s disapproval extends to the custody battle over their other son, Leon, which has now culminated in him gaining full custody of the child.

Andressa previously left the adult platform after joining the controversial Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in 2015, but returned two months later.

She’d previously filed a lawsuit against the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and claimed that it had “brainwashed” her.

Andressa remains active on OnlyFans and charges $50 a month for users to access her content.

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