What would happen if you were accompanied by Princess Kate Middleton to sing?

That’s what Tom Walker received for Christmas this year.

Scottish singer Tom Walker praised the piano playing skills of the Duchess of Cambridge after performing a song together in a concert titled “Royal Carols: Christmas Together”

My new song is called  For Who Can’t Be Here , with piano accompaniment from Kate Middleton, in a performance that was filmed and broadcast on ITV on December 24. Walker also said he kept the performance a secret – even from his mother.

“She shed tears when she saw this performance on television,”  he told the BBC. “It’s wonderful” .

Walker once performed at a charity event in front of the princess, and when he received a request to perform at this music night, he offered to perform a song that the public had not yet heard. heh.

“So I sent this song to the organizers and they really liked it. After that, a week later they came back and asked me ‘Hey, would it be okay if a princess played with you? ?’” The male singer recalled the moment he learned the information. “And my eyes were wide open in that moment”

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Tom Walker troпg phầп trìпh diễп cùпg côпg пươпg Kate Middletoп.In the video clip, you can see Kate Middleton, Princess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, playing the fiddle in candlelight at a concert titled “Royal Carols: Christmas Together” at West Hospital. master. She wore a red Christmas dress and earrings with diamonds and sapphires.

“We have gone through a lot of challenges. We have lost loved ones. We have seen frontline forces working under heavy pressure. We are also more prone to rumination, social distancing and Miss more independent” , Kate shared about the effects of the pandemic on everyone.

Côпg пươпg Kate Middletoп troпg bυổi biểυ diễп.

The Princess introduced the program with a message honoring goodwill and kindness to help overcome a gloomy pandemic era: “But I think that through that separation, we realize we need How close are we to each other? Realize how acts of kindness and love bring comfort and relief during difficult times.

Music is very important to me during the epidemic. I think it’s important to many other people too. But most of all, we are honoring acts of kindness, goodwill, love and compassion so that everyone can overcome difficult times together. hey”.

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