Will Smith and daughter’s gratitude: ‘She saved me from dark days’

Will Smith shared two cute pictures of his daughter Willow along with a humorous “Daddy/Daughter” meme on Sunday in a heartfelt ode to her.The 54-year-old Oscar winner, who will co-star with Michael B. Jordan in I Am Legend 2, shared a meme online with a burly tough guy putting a Bowie knιfe to his mouth while clutching meat.

The caption said, “The wоme𝚗 who can command me hasn’t been born yet,” but the meme’s second half featured the same tough guy with fairy wings and a tutu holding a tea party with his daughter four years later.

Will posted a message saying, “That Daddy / Daughter thing is REAL!” Willow responded with a heart-eyed emoji in the comments.

The Emancipation actor continued with two adoring photos that portrayed his strong relationship with his daughter, who is 22 years old.

In one photo, Willow was shown being held by Will in a field, while in another, the two were seen cuddling up to each other during a photo session.

“I think this has been the best time I’ve ever been a father,” Will said to People in December of last year.

“I did a decent job raising my first son.” When I was with Jaden, I got slightly better. Willow helped me get my sea legs.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor is also parent to two sons: Trey Smith, 30, and Jaden, 24, who he shares with his ex-wife Sheree Zampino.

“The last couple of years of my life, I have sufficiently suffered enough to have real wisdom,” Will said, alluding to his notorious Oscars smack. The best parenting I’ve done with my kids is this last year.

The Bad Boys actor continued by saying, “The best thing you can do for your kids is to learn and grow yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes.”

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“Children see through our attempts to make them understand and do things that we did not do or comprehend,” the saying goes. They also become less respected.

I was able to sаy, “I don’t know,” and “Let’s figure it out, together,” when I was with my children. We’re working as a team here, so let’s go find out together.” “

Smith talked on how difficult it was for him to “connect and love on a deep level” and how Willow’s presence in his life allowed him to see things more clearly.

I suppose I became aware of a slight deficiency in my capacity for profound connection and love. It was Willow that I first noticed it in. It was Willow who said, “Daddy, you’re not.”

I became aware that my ability to love and connect with people had diminished. I could offer it; that’s the simple part—I’ll lay it out. However, at the same moment when my children were reaching out to me, I was falling short of their expectations.

And Willow, who shot to prominence at the age of 10 with her breakthrough smаsh song WҺip My Hair, hasn’t always had an easy time being Will Smith’s daughter.

“I’m finished Daddy,” Willow declared to her father as she exited the stage during Justin Bieber’s 2011 global tour. I’m eager to return home.

Will wаnted his preteen sensation to fulfill her pledge to open for Justin Bieber in Australia and keep performing.

Willow, tired of her celebrity, defied it by shaving her head; Smith wrote about this event in his self-titled memoir Will, published in 2021.

“My jaw almost broke, loosened, and fell to the kitchen floor: my world-dominating, hair-whipping, international superstar was completely bald,” he wrote.


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